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Until now, there has been no way to access clear, consistent and validated information about the recyclability of specific packaging formats. In the absence of such a resource, companies have been unsure about the specific packaging formats that are recyclable in Australia, and how various combinations of materials are likely to act throughout the recovery and recycling process. This has resulted in a situation where businesses are reluctant to make claims about recyclability, often leaving consumers to make their own judgements about whether or not an item is recyclable.

In the past, brand owners have asked recyclers for information about whether specific packaging formats are recyclable. However, this information has generally come from one or two recyclers, and therefore could not be considered as representative of the broader Australian recycling context. In addition, experience has shown that different people from within a single organisation sometimes hold differing views about what is and isn’t recyclable, which has led to further confusion for among participants in the packaging supply chain.

The revolutionary Packaging Recyclability Evaluation Portal (or PREP) aims to address this confusion.

The Packaging Recyclability Evaluation Portal (PREP) is a joint program originally scoped and commissioned by the Australian Packaging Covenant, and jointly developed, managed and owned by Planet Ark and GreenChip.

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