16th June 2016

PREP V2.0 is here

12th August 2015

Australian Recycling Label Launch

27th July 2015

Recycling label to bin kerbside confusion

19th June 2015

Webinar Slides for "PREP & PREP Label" on 18th June at 10:00am EST

12th June 2015

PKN Newsletter Article "Which bin does your brand's packaging go in?"

4th June 2015

Join us for a free Webinar titled "PREP & PREP Label" on 18th June at 10:00am EST

1st June 2015

PKN Packaging News APC Assessment Workshops Pack Out

27th May 2015

Just finished the last of 3 Fora on Sustainable Packaging presented by APC. The presentation of PREP was well received with our recyclability quiz highlighting some gaps in knowledge, with some good humour;)

Uploaded our 50% Intro Offer Flyer 50% Off for first 50 Subscribers

13th May 2015

Special Introductory Offer for PREP for the next 50 subscribers. PREP for half price for the first year

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7th April 2015

Food Australia Magazine April/May 2015

Revolution Headed For Australian Recycling

26th February 2015

ALCAS Newsletter

PREP for Packaging Recyclability

5th February 2015

Planet Ark News

PREP For Better Recycling